Gone are the days of non-technical teams queuing up in bottlenecked lines for SQL coding jockeys to 'work their magic' asking their databases important questions - often with days or weeks of lag before the results are available. Self-service Business Intelligence is the solution and can be used in a very meaningful way by those who may not be tech-savvy. These platforms must have a user interface (UI) that is intuitive and navigation that is user friendly. Information workers will become more self-sufficient by having a BI environment that is more usable and more consumable.

The Looker data exploration platform provides every employee the ability to explore already established dashboards and reports, but drill down to row level detail of the information which comprises these reports. But the idea is not to accept reports and dashboards at face value, but to explore them. These explorations inspire new questions, better conversations and lead to organizational and product innovations.

To keep pace with evolving business models, markets, and customers, companies must become more nimble, which includes empowering employees with insights that are available and explorable at their fingertips.

Self-service analytics is one of the tools separating industry leaders from the pack.

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