Everyone seems to be talking about Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, but should you be paying attention?


Regardless of your technical skill-set, Data Analytics and Business Intelligence can improve the way you do your job, and ultimately the value of your business.

The idea is to utilize your raw business data, to create informed and comprehensive pictures of how everything--from a simple customer interaction to a new marketing campaign or store opening--impacts the rest of your business. These higher-level pictures used to only be accessible by the data analysts who could run the queries for themselves, and by Upper Management.

With Looker, we've seen the value of creating data cultures by giving all users access to this comprehensive relational view of the entire business. You don't need to know how to run your own data queries to know see what is happening in every level of your business. Whether you're in sales or operations, marketing or IT-- you can quickly identify what is working well, and where the most valuable improvements can be made.

With Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, we can all improve the way we work.

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