At Looker, we understand that data driven companies like to: - View all of their data as it pertains to their use case. - See data that impacts all areas of their business. - Divvy out data with a single click of a button. - Be curious about their data, and look deeper into the data that matters most to them. - Create and refine searches and groups of data. - Convey files and reports to team members. - Create complicated rules and notifications for reports. - Insert dashboards and looks into various platforms.

Companies have a ton of data sources in the current landscape, and the need to empower employees to to do their own data discovery to help them perform their job duties is critical. At Looker, we help companies with a self-service tool that avoids the data line, and provides a single source of truth.

With Looker, it is a breeze to create queries that can be saved and shared through a weblink. No software to download, all editable and searchable. Business users can pick their own measures and dimensions for easy look building. They can drill down, pivot, change their search criteria, and access all of the information in real time. Looker creates a data driven culture.

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