Even in modern businesses, there is often a disconnect between non-technical business users and the critical real-time data they need to make informed decisions. Looker believes that all users should be empowered by their analytics software rather than handcuffed by it.

Looker is a modern Business Intelligence platform that empowers everyone in your organization – regardless or technical know-how - to make data-driven decisions that help your business thrive. We unlock your data through a simple and elegant UI that allows you to make insights you otherwise wouldn't have even considered.

What sets Looker apart from other Data Analysis Software?

  • Looker is 100% in-database- We never move any of your data.
  • LookML - Your data folks don't have to spend hours hand-coding SQL to ask questions. They define business metrics once and then they’re freed from their growing list of ad-hoc requests
  • No Need for ETL at query time- Transformations are done in real time, saving the time and sanity of your smartest data folks.
  • Our visualizations are dynamic and allow for you to deep-dive into your data, and gain a more comprehensive understanding of your data.

One fantastic way to learn more about Looker's Analytics Platform is by checking out this Overview of Looker paper. Inside, you'll learn more about how Looker is enabling organizations like Ebay and Dollar Shave Club to become data-driven. Read more here!

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