With Looker, both technical and non-technical users are able to run ad hoc data analysis and produce PDF reports to get real-time, actionable insights.Looker can directly connect to any SQL compliant database to run data analysis PDF reports directly where your data lives. There are two distinct advantages to connecting directly to your database.

The first is that users can see the whole picture – an end-to-end view – instead of having data silos wedged in between your teams and data sources. And the second, is that users gain real time access to data. Meaning data analysis and reports are as up-to-date as your database. Making data-driven decisions an operational part of running your business.

  • Data analysis reports can be explored in beautiful tables and visualizations
  • Email analysis ad hoc or via scheduled alerting parameters to put data in the hands of all of your users
  • All analysis and reports are near real-time and fully interactive so every user can deep in deeper to answer additional questions

Learn more about data analysis and reports capabilities in Looker. Check out our Overview White Paper.

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