A Salesforce dashboard is a good way to get simple insights into sales pipeline, closed deals, and sales forecasts. But what happens when you want to dashboard salesforce along with other pieces of information or if you want to fully customize the dashboard experience. A Looker dashboard can connect to your underlying Salesforce data but give you a front-end experience that is fully customizable. Additionally, you can combine that data with other data sources such as web activity, marketing automation, finance systems, HR systems and etc. Now that's not just a dashboard in Salesforce, it's a dashboard that you can run your whole business on. What's more is you can actually take that Looker dashboard and embed it right back in Salesforce so you put super robust insights right in front of the people who need them most.

Looker's dashboard can be endlessly customized for your business so you can create interesting layouts, and get the data you need to the team members that need it quickly. You can schedule reports, embed Salesforce dashboards, and style your dashboard to help spur your pipeline growth. Some key take aways from a dashboard of Salesforce:

  • Take a deeper dive: were sales from last in line with pipeline?
  • Did sales demos set produce more deals closed?
  • Possibility that your pipeline will convert to sales?
  • Rapid interpretation of lead sources that translate to sales.

Download the whitepaper to learn more about Looker + Salesforce.

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