When talking about customer success data analysis the question we hear the most is, "How does centralizing all my data turn into actionable, tangible business value?”

Put more simply…“How is centralizing my data going to keep customers around (retain revenue), or cut costs (make my team more efficient)?”

It’s a great question.

On the Customer Success team at Looker, we leverage our centralized data warehouse and custom metrics in a number of different ways, but all with the same resulting outputs expected of the question above—we want to keep our customers happy and we want to be more efficient. 

Here are a few of the ways the Customer Success team leverages our centralized data to turn raw numbers into tangible business value.  Read more on how to: 

  • Retain Revenue: Data As An Alerter
  • Reduce Costs: Data As A Cleaner
  • Increase Efficiency: Data As A Company-Wide KPI-er

The video explains how you can focus on what matters most. Enjoy!