From their very first click on an advertisement to the features they use within your product, Looker can give you a complete view of your customers. Don’t make decisions about the value of each customer with incomplete information from just one source. Use Looker to evaluate your customers from every angle.

As your data platform, Looker makes it easy for everyone to find, explore, and understand the data thus building a data-driven culture. From the operations team to executives, from sales to marketing, everyone can benefit from exploring data from a reliable source of truth.

  • Move everything into one place, then use Looker to describe and join data from advertising systems to CRMs - no matter how messy.
  • Understand the ROI of every customer touchpoint at all stages of the funnel.
  • Create a customer health score unique to your business and proactively identify issues that drive churn.

Kick back and watch our short video – see what every angle looks like.

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