We love our customers. And they love us back. Why? Because we make things like customer data analysis accessible for anyone who needs the data.

Take it from one of our favorites: Infectious Media, an international programmatic agency. They deliver data to every team in their company with Looker.

Client reporting that used to take days to put together is now built in minutes—and updated in seconds. And now, with all this extra time, the Infectious Media team can focus on driving higher ROI for their advertising clients, and finding new ways to target high value segments.

  • More than 80% of employees use Looker
  • Before Looker, teams had to wait for information from the data team
  • Employees now run their own analysis with Looker, putting an end to bottlenecks
  • Automated reporting allows teams to focus on higher value projects and research
  • Easy real-time reporting helps monitor performance and drives enhancements

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