Looker makes customer analytics easy by bringing together all the data you’re collecting about your customers—from how they buy and what support issues they’ve had, to how they use the product on a daily basis—into one centralized view. Customer success teams can then take specific proactive actions to keep customers happy.

The Looker Application for Customer Success provides comprehensive analytic and operational metrics to identify at-risk customers and maintain satisfaction in pleased customers. This Application comes with three specific modules designed to provide comprehensive and impactful analytics around the health of your customers, and the health of your business.

Among other pieces of analysis, this Application comes pre-baked with the following dashboards:

  • The Customer Health Module allows you to create custom health scores and monitor aggregate health trends
  • The Customer Lookup Module makes it easy to improve individual customer health by providing comprehensive analytics around each individual customer, from specific feature usage to common support requests
  • The At-Risk Customer Dashboards enables CS teams to proactively identify and prioritize those customers at risk of churning, and take action to remedy their pain points

Get to know Looker's solution for Customer Success a little better by reading the whitepaper.

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