Modern corporate performance management software is now able to hover over top of all your data - every last scrap - which creates a complete picture of your business. So you make decisions on the fly with the most up-to-date information and share insights in a few clicks.

Data is everywhere and that data is still silo'd. Which means bottlenecks and data chaos still exist. So when your teams grab data it's never the whole picture, consequently – everyone ends up making decisions based on incomplete and potentially incorrect picture of the business.

Looker loves your data without changing it. Or moving it. Or asking it to be something it's not. Meaning you get a full picture of corporate performance. And when your entire organization works from a single source of truth – true data-driven decisions become the norm.

What sets Looker apart?

1. We work directly in-database. Never move or store any of your data

2. No ETL at query time. Transformations can be done on the fly

3. Data is up-to-date. Make decisions based on what's happening now

4. Self-Service Reporting. All users drill into their data or visualizations

Corporate performance management software has changed. Watch the short Looker video to see what you can do.