Big data has given rise to a slew of cloud business analytic tools that promise insights that are a quick time to value. These tools are great for one off analyses, graphs, and reports for a single use because you can simply plug your data sources in directly. The problem comes when an organization wants to truly be data-driven at all levels whether their users are technical or not.

Looker's cloud business analytics platform respects the legacy BI analytic solutions like Business Objects and MicroStrategy but brings in modern web-based architecture. We created a revolutionarily fast time to value so you can being truly data-driven without a huge spend. The philosophy behind Looker is to –

  • Enable the technical team the ability to define:
    • Customer lifetime value, metrics, and KPI's
    • A data-dictionary with agreed upon qualities for core business logic
    • Marketing attribution, sales funnel, etc...
  • Unleash the non-technical business users:
    • Create their own reports/queries
    • Drill down to row level detail
    • Schedule Dashboards via email
    • All without writing a single line of code

Our 2 minute video drills in a little deeper to help you uncover if Looker is right for you.

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