Some would argue the CIO's reach and portfolio have expanded to a breaking point. Business processes have become more digitalized and customers have actually become digital data points. A CIO dashboard needs the most important and relevant data – not stale or static data. One that offers a single source of truth so you can bring your teams together.

Looker makes it easy for you to deeply explore business data. We combine key queries and visualizations into a single page executive view, with the ability to click into key metrics. The result? Data comprehension in the form of actionable BI analytic dashboards. Share the right data with the right person – that's something we've never see turn out badly.

Business users and data analysts love Looker:

  • Drill down into live details behind visualizations and graphs
  • Flexible models for fast iteration and centralized metrics
  • Create and share a dashboards with a link
  • Never move data. Live connect to SQL data stores including Hadoop

With Looker, you finally receive immediate access to data. Watch the video to see why we are different than the rest.

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