Prior to Looker analytics, many CEOs and execs in our customer portfolio found that they were being presented with static dashboards and reports based on incomplete data, or rather, data that represented only a subset of their business. With Looker, now they can ask sophisticated questions involving data across their entire organization (Sales, Product, Marketing, Support, etc.) and, better yet, can find the answer themselves. And if they ever want to drill down into the real data points behind KPIs and graphs, all they need to do is click.

Forward thinking companies choose Looker as their analytics solution because it: - Establishes a single source of truth. Eliminating arguments over who has the most accurate numbers. - Frees the data analysts. Letting them focus on complex questions, not constant report requests. - Empowers the business users. Allowing everyone to explore their data in real-time without coding.

In a personalized product tour, we can show you how Looker can make your CEO dashboard an extension of your best analysts for self-service reporting.

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