Keep your data safe and secure while giving every team access to the data they need. Create a single source of truth to be used by the entire organization and allow every team to dig deeper to discover more insight and new opportunities. Looker offers modern Business Intelligence software for financial services that you can bank on.

Tranferwise, Avant, and Venmo have experienced a massive shift in performance. Before Looker, business teams were dependent on analysts to provide data for everything, from who their users were to how ads were performing. Analysts were bogged down extracting data and running queries, and because they used a tool that only one person knew how to maintain, there were often bottlenecks.

Today, Data analysts are no longer are weighed down by routine tasks such as reporting, fixing, and foundational coding. Now, each team can:

  • Use Looker’s interactive reports and dashboards to run its operations and track KPIs
  • Streamline processes, identify new revenue opportunities, and steadily increase the appeal of the service to high-value customers
  • Focus on the forward-thinking analysis that drives the next phase of growth

Watch Avant's success story with Looker.

“Even if you don't have a strong data background, if you notice a trend you can ask the system what’s changed. It enables people to slice and dice things, without having to use code.” –Charles Whittaker, Senior Director, U.S. Products at Avant

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