Just imagine real time business intelligence analytics. It's hard to wrap your mind around, we know. Think of it this way: What if everyone could drill down and explore datasets – and answer their own questions? Your analysts would be freed up to work more efficiently meaning there might be fewer bottlenecks and chaos. And...teams could work together to create a single source of truth.

We love Looker because you don't have to move your data, it "plays nice" with your database so you can get answers in real time. Looker helps your data team create seamless tools so even the least techy person can use them. And in turn, your data team can finally do more demanding data projects and deep data dives they love. So instead of being weighed down with one-off requests, they can save queries, and reuse them to answer future questions.

Looker is the cornerstone for data exploration and discovery:

  • Build dashboards showcasing active query results and graphs
  • Become data-driven – Bring teams together
  • Share charts and graphs via links
  • Enable a 360' view of the entire organization

Etsy, Kohler, and other enterprise companies use Looker to unify their data to create a single source of truth. Watch the video to learn a little more.