Looker's vision is to revolutionize the way people think about data, from businesses reactively answering analytical questions to creative, fully data-driven cultures. We uniquely achieve this in in 4 ways:

  • Data Exploration: Looker’s core is database exploration, allowing for ad hoc exploration of the full dataset. Looker enables users to explore and drill into data rather than focus on creating pre-defined reports. In other tools, your lens into the data is a workbook with a predefined data subset that answers a limited set of questions. If your question is outside of that scope or requires drilling deeper, you are out of luck.
  • In Database: Looker sits directly on top of the database, without moving or storing data, unlike the two other platforms. This leverages the power of the underlying DB for “deep” data discovery and analytics based on all the available data. Looker’s ability to generate the correct/optimal SQL at runtime, means that Looker can uniquely support the ad-hoc exploration/discovery use case.
  • Centralized model: With LookML, a YAML based modeling language, you build your business logic, defining important metrics once, and then reuse them throughout a model. Other tools lack in this centralized model or repository for business logic.
  • Self-Service Analysis: With Looker, you have full control of your data without outsourcing your warehouse. This allows you to ask questions on the fly and dive deeper into dynamic dashboards rather than static reporting.

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