How business intelligence providers helped Dollar Shave Club, the company with the hilarious viral video that catapulted the ambitious startup into the spotlight. They were shaking up the industry but missing key opportunities to learn from its data. Up against the established retail giants of men's grooming products they needed all the help the could get to get a footing in the market.

Dollar Shave Club had a program that sends samples to customers to entice them to buy but blanket sampling was costly. Once the company started using Looker it discovered that customers who bought their shave butter where more likely to buy other products. By sending samples to only their shave butter customers they now see a 100 percent ROI on it's sampling program.

  • The marketing team uses Looker to do A/B testing on email campaigns
  • Customer service teams track the volume of help tickets ensuring quick resolution.
  • Customer service also tracks the relationship between help requests and churn
  • With every new feature they watch real time performance and impact on customers

When Dollar Shave Club started with Looker they gave access to only high-tech people who needed it. But once they started seeing the value of Looker and realized everyone could use it, they found it could bring a lot more value back to the company if every team had access. Read their customer story here to get more detail on their analytics.

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