Business intelligence and data warehousing no longer have to be two opposing forces. Up-to-date, accurate, and integrated information about the supply chain, products, and customers are critical for today's survival.

Looker makes it easiest for anyone to find, explore, and share the data that drives business. Data analysts describe data, from metrics to data-definitions. They can expose all data, not just a subset, so your teams, your partners, and your customers can ask and answer their own questions.

Looker brings analyst and business teams together:

  • Reliable Source of Truth. A data platform that provides reliable metrics and consistent definitions
  • Explore All Your Data. Anyone can see the whole picture to answer their own questions
  • Create a Data Culture. Drive data into decision-making – 97% of customers use Looker every day

Looker is quick and nimble just like the video. Watch how we can bring Business Intelligence and data warehousing together.

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