Most business intelligence data analysis tools create one of two problems: Either there is data bottleneck where business teams end up waiting on analysis because only a few data analysts have access. Or there is data chaos causing teams to grab whatever data they can get. Then end up making decisions based on incomplete – potentially incorrect - picture of the business.

Looker makes it easy to build queries and get the results – enabling everyone to drill into the results in order to truly understand the data. Both technical and non-technical people can run analytics and create dashboards. This means your entire organization has a single source of truth and data-driven decisions will become the norm.

What sets Looker apart? 1. Work directly in database. We never move or store any of your data 2. No ETL at query time. Transformations can be done on the fly 3. Self-Service Reporting. All users can drill into their data or visualizations

Watch the video to learn how Looker is different than other business intelligence data analysis tools.

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