Business Intelligence and Data Analytics are positively impacting companies of all sizes, in every industry.

Why does this matter?

Before the uptake of Business Intelligence platforms, like Looker, most organizations analyzed their data by utilizing the technical expertise of a few analysts to run queries in spreadsheets and scattered platforms. They found this process to be EXTREMELY slow – experiencing a data bottleneck while waiting for the analysts to have time to run each query. This slow approach also created data chaos – a fractioned picture of the data with snapshots of relationships instead of a comprehensive of how every aspect of your business impacts one another.

How does Looker improve data bottleneck and data chaos?

Looker connects directly to any SQL Database, and we work with your Data Analysts to define and standardize what matters to your business. Then, Looker is ready for all users – from very technical to not at all – to explore how their work is impacting your business and to take the initiative to propose and make valuable improvements. With Looker, Business Intelligence and Data Analytics are instantly available to everyone in your company, ensuring that every decision is an informed decision.

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