Managing data can be a thankless experience. Ineffectively supporting fear rather than building trust.

The business analyst spends a significant effort trying to create value from data. All while having little control over what they can access or the data structure. Data pipelines and structures have remained static in order to avoid data integrity issues and reporting issues. What results are lackluster solutions, data availability compromises, and a trail of unused out-of-date data tables.

Business intelligence analysis tools have changed - frustration is turning to connection, trust, empowerment, and enlightenment. Looker believes in a data culture. Our BI platform enables:

Data Analysts Create Building Blocks
- Focus on complex & interesting analysis - Create centralized definitions - Stop the never-ending list of requestsBusiness Teams Explore the Data

Business Teams Explore the Data - Create and share dashboards - Click to drill into the data behind them - No more waiting for a report

Companies, like Intel Security, have embraced Looker throughout their organization to empower their BI users and free up their analysts – so they can do the work they've always wanted to do.

Our White Paper describes how simple concepts can promote innovation and avoid data futility.

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