A Business analytics white paper should absolutely rock and tell you all sorts of interesting tidbits about business analytics. Our white paper (see the right hand column) not only does these things but succinctly articulates the benefits of the Looker's flavor of business analytics. Seriously, if you want to achieve a deeper understanding of business analytics look no further - you have arrived.

Looker is a data platform that approaches the problem a lot differently. Traditionally business analytics fell into one of two categories. The first one is when the access to data is tightly managed and only a few people have the "keys" to the answers. The second one is that when everyone has their own data set and runs their own analysis to get answers. The problem there is that there is no comprehensive and shared data store so everyone is essentially making up their own answers.

This white paper explains how Looker:

  • Makes is easy for people to understand their data
  • Removes data bottlenecks and data chaos
  • Creates a single comprehensive data store
  • Gives business users access to their data

Download this business analytics white paper and learn all about the topic.

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