A great business analytics dashboard has the power to change your business in a really big way. But a really good business analytics dashboard doesn't just fall out of the cloud, it needs to sit on top of a data platform so that it shows you the most important and relevant data. A good data platform will help you customize metrics so that they can be trusted and represent the important operations of you particular business. Once you have those metrics then you can put them into a business analytics dashboard.

Looker is a data platform that makes it easy for you to find and explore you business data. The result? Understanding in the form of an actionable business analytics dashboard. Show the right data to the right person and who knows what will happen? We've never see it turn out badly.

Business users and data analytics love Looker, and here is why:

  • Create trusted business analytics dashboards that drive your business
  • Empower business users to answer their own questions
  • Build a flexible model for fast iteration and centralized metrics

Watch the Looker video to see how why we love being different than the rest.

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