With Looker and Google BigQuery, analysts can dig into and analyze billions of rows of data, making it possible for users to answer their own questions, using reliable and consistent metrics. By combining the tools from Looker and BigQuery every analyst (not just the data scientist) gains fast access to every petabyte of data.

BigQuery is incredibly fast, scalable, and affordable while Looker is ranked best in class in 13 of 33 categories - including responsiveness, value, and overall integrity, according to Howard Dresner 2016 Wisdom of Crowds® Business Intelligence Market Study. Making it clear why market leaders choose Looker to visualize BigQuery analytics.

With BigQuery and Looker:

  • Easily scale a dataset from megabytes to petabytes
  • There's no need to manage BigQuery data in relational structures for reporting or exploration - use from any device
  • Never move data again. Looker works in-database so users always have access fast, interactive analysis
  • Build an org-wide data platform that anyone can explore without writing code
  • Combine the agility of Google BigQuery with the speed of Looker and stay in front of your competition
  • Low administrative overhead means Looker makes it affordable to visualize Google BigQuery data

Find out why more and more companies are teaming BigQuery and Looker together for analytics that everyone loves. Download the whitepaper to learn more.

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