Load all your Google marketing data into Google BigQuery with BigQuery Data Transfer Service. Almost every company that interacts with customers online relies on one or more of Google’s marketing platforms. Whether it's running search ads using AdWords, video ads on YouTube, banner ads on DoubleClick, or tracking sessions and visitors in Analytics 360, nearly every marketing department has this kind of data.

Looker and BigQuery are an ideal solution for any company that wants fast access to every petabyte of their data. BigQuery is a lightning-fast, scalable, affordable solution. Looker is the only tool that allows you to take full advantage of it, leveraging BigQuery’s power by running directly in the database.

Looker makes it easy to:

  • Build a data exploration platform on BigQuery to make data meaningful and intuitive for your entire organization
  • Take advantage of BigQuery’s unique features, including querying 250 GB in under 5 seconds
  • Connect all the dots and make sense of all of your data instantly and see the relationships between the pieces of your Google Advertising Cloud

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