Let's make sense of your big data and unleash your teams curiosity, shall we? The ability to turn the ever growing deluge of big data into actionable intelligence and useful interactive applications has been a difficult problem to solve.

Looker is an in-database analytics engine that acts like a lens over your data. With compelling dashboards and visualizations, Looker brings curiosity driven analytics to end-users and powerful tools for data analysts to model and explore the vast new data sources that are available today.

Looker brings people together – engage your data analysts and BI users:

  • Create a platform your entire team can explore and rely on
  • Easily expose all data, not just a subset
  • Stop moving data – analyze it where it lives
  • Get the whole picture and a single version of the truth

Our short video is popcorn worthy. Watch it now to see what big data reports can look like.

Overview of Looker - White Paper