Big data SQL is an ironic topic because SQL, or little data sql, came about because the cost of storing data was so high. That is to say, SQL is query language that came about in order to efficiently query small data sets by providing a standard way to manipulate tables. Then big data happened. All of a sudden storage stopped being a problem but processing time of queries did. Big data SQL is different than regular SQL because the problems it addresses are fundamentally different!

This relatively new development in the data landscape has led to a lot of new technology that write optimized queries for these fast, but huge databases. Looker is no exception, in fact, it is a quintessential example. Looker generates SQL for Big Data in an very modern and efficient way and that means quicker results to data queries and more available data. For example, Looker speaks to Google BigQuery and you can visualize terabytes of data in just seconds. This truly is a whole new world of data analysis.

Big Data SQL is a nuanced way of writing database queries that helps businesses look at more data faster.

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