Let's face it: big data sources have been, shall we say, imperfect. The choices have either been 'complex and pricey' (but speedy) or inadequate and slow (but affordable and easy to use).

Thankfully, within this last year, we've seen some major improvements in SQL-on-Hadoop processes. Meaning companies like Looker – built from the ground up to support fast and flexible in-database processing – are a big data source that enables data-driven insights enterprise wide.

Get ready to love analytics again because it's finally possible to:

  • Leverage the power of the Hadoop clusters, you already use, without moving data
  • Analyze and model – in-cluster – without sacrificing speed and ease of use
  • Bring data into every action, reaction, and decision enterprise wide

Looker for Hadoop further explains the future of big data sources. Download it here. And welcome to the bright, new future.

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