Until recently, big data was great for storing information but did poor analyzing . Now, with the correct big data platform, we can store massive amounts data and analyze that data quickly. Looker is a data analytics web application which sits on top of your Hadoop or Google Cloud data warehouses and utilizes the advancement of Apache Hive, Spark SQL, and BigQuery to give you real-time analytics for big data. Suddenly, you can safely and accurately store your data and do all the analysis you've wanted to do all along.

With Looker you can do this with your data:

  • Real time analytics and data exploration
  • Drill into your charts and graphs
  • Share charts or graphs you've created with coworkers
  • Build sql models and empower your business users to answer their own questions

With the correct big data platform, all of the sudden your data becomes accessible. You can empower both your analysts and your business users to explore and analysis all of your data. Check out the white paper on Hadoop and learn how you can leverage your data.

Looker for Hadoop - White Paper