Big Data Exploration has been behind the times and oh what pain it's caused us. With many of the tools for exploration you still have issues with:

  • Scale. Moving data into separate hardware and silo’d off
  • Focusing on visualization instead of data exploration
  • Business teams wait on data analysts for reports
  • Moving data out of Hadoop cluster

Here at Looker, we believe in transparency, collaboration, and a true data culture. We wanted solve the big data exploration issue that the entire team would love to adopt – and we really like the result. We are the only data platform that enables all data in-cluster and that is also available to the whole enterprise. Here's just a few reasons our clients have found to love us:

  • No need to ETL data out of the cluster
  • Real time, interactive analytics on your in-cluster data
  • Perform schema-on-read while connected to the HDFS cluster
  • Non-technical business teams become self serve
  • Works with in-cluster and data warehouse data

Check out Looker on Hadoop to see why we have become the most robust big data exploration software. If you like what you see, request your personalized demo.

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