Thanks to the Apache Hadoop project it became possible to make big data dashboards. But analyzing this data is hard - it requires complicated systems to transform, move, cube and generally fuss with the data in Hadoop. You could gain insights from the data but it was a slow and deliberate process, not the fast, interactive exploration expected by business teams. Certainly not data democracy with live big data dashboards and actionable insights.

But now, advances in the Hadoop ecosystem like Spark and Presto make it possible to perform SQL-based analysis directly on the Hadoop data where it sits. This makes it so much easier to model big data and make is presentable in dashboards. Looker a big data dashboard tool that is perfectly suited to work with these technologies thanks to our data modeling layer and schema-on-read paradigm. Now it's easier than ever to analyze and report on your big data.

And Looker isn't just for analysts too! Our suite of dashboard tools make it easy for non-technical business teams to customize reports, visualize data, and build interconnected data applets to help run their operations. Never before has it been easier to share big data dashboards to help drive your business.

Check out the Looker for Hadoop white paper to find out more about how you can unleash Big Data Dashboards on your organization.

Looker for Hadoop - White Paper