Thanks to the Apache Hadoop project it's possible to store more data than we know what to do with. As you know, actually analyzing this data is hard. Without big data dashboards it requires complicated systems to move, transform, cube, and generally fiddle with the data in Hadoop. This is not the fast interactive exploration we have come to expect.

Advances in the Hadoop ecosystem like Presto and Spark make it possible to do SQL-based analysis directly on all the Hadoop data where it lives. Looker works with these technologies thanks to our schema-on-read paradigm and modeling layer. Big data dashboards here we come.

And Looker isn't just for analysts! Our dashboard tools make it possible for non-technical business teams to:

  • Customize reports and visualize data with live dashboards and actionable insights
  • Build interconnected data applets to help run operations
  • Share big data insights to help drive your business

Check out our Looker for Hadoop white paper – manage big data with Looker dashboards.

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