We've got your six. That's right, there's no data left behind, ever. It's the end the road for Big Data analytics tools that are essentially 'every man for himself' and the beginning of a governed, cohesive, agile, 'Navy Seal' team.

Looker provides you with a set of powerful tools for exploring and visualizing all kinds of data—tools that speak every language, especially SQL. Our tools are designed to work with every other tool you carry, and make you the expert, from training to deployment to mission accomplished.

At Looker, we supply you with big data analytic tools that are:

  • Strong. Everyone can ask and answer their own analytic questions
  • Capable. Get in and get out with integration of data into every decision
  • Elite. Data is no longer just a place to find answers. It’s the place where ideas originate and lives are saved
  • Cohesive. Collectively make smarter, more informed business decisions, with our ecosystem of brotherhood

Ready to get started? Watch the video for an overview of Looker and what it can do for you and your teams.

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