Big data analysis. What a dirty little phrase that has been the last couple of years. There hasn't been a rug big enough to sweep it under and oh what pain it's caused us. All the information you could want but could never really get a complete picture of. Thank goodness that has changed.

We are Looker. It's so nice to finally meet you. We also loved the idea of big data analysis and hated the reality of it too. We believe in collaboration, transparency, and a true data culture. We wanted an analytic platform the entire team could love – and we really like what we created.

  • Explore all of your data – real-time
  • Give everyone the whole picture
  • Create a reliable source of truth with consistent data definitions
  • Securely analyze everything right where it sits

Finally a symbiotic relationship – big data analysis that gives back. Read the paper on our relationship with Hadoop. We think you might like it.

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