Looker enables businesses to get the data out of their databases and into the hands of business users in a way that is powerful and easy for everyone to use.

Looker provides its powerful business intelligence platform either as a web-based service or as on-premise application.

Using Looker as a service makes it very quick and easy to get up and running quickly. It eliminates the need to provision expensive computer hardware and network infrastructure. It also removes the need to obtain precious time resources from overburdened IT organizations

Over time, Looker as a service saves organizations from many of the burdens of maintaining an application. Your team will never need to worry about installing application updates, managing backups, cleaning up disk space or applying security updates. As your needs grow, Looker scales to grow with you so you will not need to spend any time on capacity planning.

Looker leverages Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide service globally on highly reliable, extremely scalable networks from the world’s leading cloud platform.

Connecting Looker to your data is easy as it support a broad range of database platforms from the tried and true such as Oracle, Postgres and Microsoft SQL Server to the latest additions like Google’s BigQuery, Amazon’s Redshift and Amazon’s Aurora.

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