"I want a stagnant report now!" Said no one ever. Simple BI dashboard tools allow everyone stay up to date with real-time, interactive data. Just like you want to explore and drill into your data – your entire organization wants to know what's happening as well.

Looker makes it easy to create as many custom dashboards as you need. Every person can have quick access to the information that drives their decision making. Customize BI dashboards for each department, creating centralized definitions and a true data culture. Collaboration allows great decisions based on the best available data.

Looker BI dashboard tools:

  • Work with SQL based infrastructures
  • Provide completely customizable, real-time analytics
  • Ensure that everybody has real-time access to data
  • Allow users to create and share dashboards with a link

The Looker video on BI dashboard tools is attached for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!"

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