While most business intelligence tools can present dashboards, these often offer limited flexibility. The numbers, tables, and charts presented to users are sometimes static or generated with stale data. And when these users want to tweak their visualizations or add a new element, they have to wait on their technical team to make the necessary updates.

With Looker's web-based BI dashboards, these problems are long gone. Since Looker sits directly on top of your database, the data presented to you is as current as your database. Looker defines a single source of truth ensuring that everyone is working with the same numbers and business logic, eliminating arguments over data accuracy. Additionally, anyone can point and click to create, update, and share a dashboard - no technical experience required. Finally, if you want to drill down into the specific row-level detail behind those visualizations and graphs, Looker can do just that.

With Looker, both your data analysts and business users will thank you as they become more efficient with their time and receive immediate access to the data they need to make powerful decisions. To learn more and see the power of Looker in action, check out a video demo today!