Marvel comics voted Looker the best web analytics in the universe. Well, that may not be true, but Gartner does think we're pretty cool. But just like spiderman, we can swing from building to building (or database to database), connecting it all together into a single unified data model.

Looker is pioneering a new kind of business intelligence that everyone loves. Looker brings data analysts and business teams together by making it easy for everyone to find, explore, and understand the data that drives business.

  • Reduce data chaos. A data platform that ensures reliable metrics and consistent definitions.
  • Got data silos? Deploy Data Apps so every business team can access and explore the entire data set
  • Scale with the cluster. Live connect to any SQL data store including Hadoop
  • Drill down. Access all your data for a 360° view of your business

Looker's customers include some of the smartest data-driven companies in the world. Learn from them and join us – start here with the video.

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