Looker for AWS allows anyone in your business to quickly analyze and find insights in your Redshift and RDS datasets. By connecting directly to your AWS instance, Looker opens up access to high-resolution data for detailed exploration and collaborative discovery, building the foundation for a truly data-driven organization.

Purpose-built to leverage the next generation of analytic databases, like Amazon Redshift, and to live in the cloud, Looker takes an entirely new approach to business intelligence. Unlike traditional BI tools, Looker doesn't move and store your data; instead, it optimizes data discovery within the database itself.

  • Using Looker's modern data explanation language, called LookML, data analysts create rich experiences so that end users can self-serve their own data discovery.
  • Key to LookML is its reusability: Measures and dimensions are created in only one place and then consistently (and automatically) reused in all relevant views of that same data concept, creating a single source of the truth across your organization.
  • Powerful data discovery, including contextual filtering, pivoting, sequencing, and cohort tiering, so your entire organization can ask questions, share views, and collaborate, all from within the browser, on any device.

To help you get started quickly, the Looker for AWS license includes implementation services from our team of expert analysts. And throughout your entire subscription, you'll receive 100% unlimited support from a live analyst using our in-app chat functionality. Get Looker's AWS Solution Brief for more information.

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