Looker makes it easy to drill down. You can quickly edit the view to look at something different, or break it down by vertical, slice it in a different way, or even add a field or two.

Adam Dathi

Senior Business Intelligence Consultant

Smarter decisions through data

Looker has turbo-charged Yieldify, providing them with dynamic, self-service dashboards to make it easy for everyone to drill into data for consistent business metrics.

With Looker, decisions at every level are backed by data. Users throughout the company rely on Looker each day to get answers in seconds – rather than waiting hours for an analyst’s report. Looker has enabled teams to identify new questions and uncover new insights.

Accessing data has empowered the Yieldify team to make smarter decisions and find ways to optimize campaigns to increase customer ROI.

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  • Account teams use Looker to easily research and pull data for clients
  • Custom dashboards help managers stay informed and prep for meetings
  • Analysts can spend time on high-value projects, rather than pulling reports
  • Self-serve access puts an end to waiting for analyst reports

Looker for ad tech

You record every message, every click, every purchase - but can everyone in your organization use that data? Put data into the hands of your entire organization with the Looker Data Platform. No more waiting, no more limits to what users can ask of your data - let your team do more and drive better ROI for your clients.

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