"Our Product Team was so used to having to request new data reports, they didn’t realize that with Looker all they had to do was refresh their page and it would extend their data. Looker put all the power into the hands of the Product Team."

Annie Corbett

Business Intelligence Analyst

Not enough analysts. Too many bottlenecks.

Both a social and payment service, Venmo “helps friends to pay friends for things”. The company also generates a lot of data, most of which they weren’t using to its full potential.

With Looker, teams at Venmo now get up to the minute data on their app. Customized, easy-to-use dashboards allow everyone to monitor projects and dig into the data on their own, which allows them to quickly find and address problems, as well as understand why they occur.

  • All departments now use Looker for creating reports and answering critical questions
  • Companywide access to data resulted in an immediate rise in productivity
  • Looker helps teams use data to better understand how users are using their app
  • Teams can now do their own analysis so the data team can work on critical projects

Looker for FinTech

Keep your data safe and secure while giving every team access to the data they need. Create a single source of truth to be used by the entire organization and allow every team to dig deeper to discover more insight and new opportunities.

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