"The main thing about Looker was the simplicity. It’s really lightweight for such a powerful solution."

Neel Banerjee

Project Manager

Moving at the Speed of Mobile

Powering mobile growth for some of the world’s leading brands is behind the success and steady growth of Urban Airship.

When it came time to meet their clients’ growing demand for data, Urban Airship knew they needed a data platform that was not only ideal for its customers, but also for their product team.

From the start, they’d utilized aggregate analytics. But, ultimately they knew they needed to provide a more detailed view of the customer.

Landing the Perfect Data Platform

With Looker in place the product team at Urban Airship can focus on creating the best product experience possible for their users – including vertical-specific data environments.

Neel Banerjee, Urban Airship’s Product Manager explains: “Looker gives Urban Airship the flexibility to cater to specific verticals. For instance, in the retail vertical, we set different filters on our side so retail users can see a specific set of dashboards for data they can use.”

For Urban Airship and their client base, using Looker results in a win-win.

  • Looker helps Urban Airship to provide clients a finer-grained view of their users
  • Companywide access to data resulted in an immediate rise in productivity
  • Teams can access the data needed to improve messaging and user experience
  • Looker provides an edge by tapping data that support shifts in the marketing space

Looker for SaaS

In the ultra-competitive SaaS market, even the smallest decision can mean the difference between success or failure. Looker makes it easy to introduce data into every decision, from marketing spend and customer retention to identifying which product features inspire massive growth.

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