"The Looker dashboards are fantastic because we have all of the data, all in one place, including viewership data, social data and more."


Making Data Matter

Upworthy’s mission is to “tell stories that matter”, not just headlines that drive clicks. Determined to create and deliver content that keep people engaged and informed, they turned to Looker.

With Looker, they have real-time access to key data, which tells Upworthy how many minutes their readers were actually paying attention. Through the Looker platform, they can share this insight with their content teams, ensuring the creation of content their readers want. They then share the data with their advertisers, proving their content performs well.

  • Teams can create unique metrics for evaluating content specific to their needs
  • Looker as a single source of truth for all company data streamlined productivity
  • All users could slice and dice the data to learn what aspects needed improvement
  • Companywide access to data resulted in an immediate decline in data bottlenecks

Looker for Media

Looker allows media teams to get the most out of their data by providing a single source of truth. Use Looker to provide data access to everyone, and allowing users to dig in to ask and answer their own questions.

Get Ready to Love Your Analytics

The best way to understand Looker is to experience it in action. Along the way, we’ll answer your questions about what, why, how and what’s next.

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