Looker has freed our most talented resources to focus on operational optimization instead of report and dashboard development.

Mike Burkes

VP BI, Fraud Mng and Revenue Assurance

Founded in 2012, Ultra Mobile (Ultra) is a mobile virtual network operator that provides nationwide wireless prepaid services including calling, texting, data, and international calling at affordable prices.

The challenge

For a young company in a rabidly competitive telco space, Ultra Mobile captured vast amounts of data that needed to be curated and analyzed in order to create value. But the underlying infrastructure didn’t support what the teams needed in order to be great at what they did. The dissemination of information was laborious and clunky at best.

The solution

Ultra had multiple data sources spread across a wide range of database environments including MySQL, SQL Server, Excel, and Cloudera Hadoop distribution. They needed a cost-effective and fast time-to-value path to data collaboration and analytics with a solid security and governance promise.

With Denodo, Ultra Mobile created a data virtualization layer that federated data from all those disparate data sources across multiple data stores. More importantly, they were able to institute a level of data governance and ensure consistency across results. The business impact of having stable, consistent datasets on which all the stakeholders can collaborate has led to the discovery of many opportunities that have been hidden in the weeds of the data swamp.

By implementing the Looker analytics platform on top of the Denodo platform, Ultra users are able access all of that curated, governed data to develop dashboards and visualizations instantaneously, based on accurate, reliable data, as well as perform deep-dive analytics that were simply not possible before.

The upshot

Liberate top talent: Ultra Mobile not only cut its data-prep and analytical staffing requirements from five people down to three, it liberated its most talented and experienced people to pursue important data science work. “The people who know my business backwards and forwards are now focused on the data science opportunities,” says Burkes. ”Looker has freed our most talented resources to focus on operational optimization instead of report and dashboard development.”

Time to Insight: Users now get the data they want as quickly as they need it. Instead of waiting on results for weeks, they can immediately see how the company's performing, and then delve deeper into those results.

Information Dissemination: With Looker’s scheduling functionality, now instead of sending a barrage of emails to every individual in a particular distribution list, users can go in themselves when they want to access the data they need.

Increase Revenue: Analysis in Looker is helping Ultra Mobile improve net revenue across its calling plans. A call-quality dashboard has driven quality-of-service improvements of as much as 22 percent to important international destinations. That difference has improved customer retention and helped win new customers. Ultra Mobile estimates that that deployment has helped the company generate more than $2.5 million in additional revenue. That’s a significant return on the company’s first-year investment of less than $200,000.

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  • Prepaid Mobile Network in need of a cost-effective and fast time-to-value analytics solution with a solid security and governance promise
  • Chose Looker and Denodo to provide a single source of truth for everyone in the organization
  • Uncovered insights previously buried in their data that have improved service quality by 22%
  • New level of insight is uncovering new revenue opportunities
  • Generated $2.5 Million in additional revenue in the first year of the implementation

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