We love Looker because we can use it to do just about anything with our data. It’s up to us to understand how our data interconnects, and then we use Looker to tell our story.

Chris Homer


Firsthand data access in the secondhand biz

From its start in 2009, Thredup had a vision of becoming the world’s largest online marketplace of secondhand clothing. The company worked hard to transform the way the public thought about secondhand apparel, but as they grew they needed to transform the way they processed their data.

Everyone from the Marketing and Business Operations teams to Warehouse Operations runs on data, and it’s important that everyone gets the full picture. When they discovered Looker, the team thought it sounded like it was what they were looking for to meet all their data needs.

With Looker, Thredup employees are now able dig into the data they need, when they need it.

Before, Thredup teams had to put in a request to the dev team and wait several days to actually get a response and have access to a query. At that point, the data would sometimes be irrelevant. Now, each team member can simply build the reports they need themselves.

Bottom line

Looker allows you to keep analyzing, keep digging, and to keep investigating.

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  • All Thredup employees are encouraged to make data-based decisions
  • Looker gives data access to every member of every team via one platform
  • Each department can slice & dice data as needed, to get the job done

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