"In the past we would end up creating a number of data aggregations and layers. Anytime you touch the data there is a cost, whether in time or resources. Looker lets us avoid this cost."

Simply Business

Reveal the Hidden Potential in Data

As one of the UK’s biggest commercial insurance brokers, Simply Business provides insurance specifically tailored to the needs of Britain’s businesses.

With Looker on top of their own database, they’re able to easily model their data in a way that’s meaningful to them - with their own custom data logic, they can now get to the deepest level of insight with their data.

Now that the data is available to everyone across the company, teams are able to analyze data in ways they never imagined. In fact, recent data dives resulted in the creation of twelve new types of coverage, now being offered to their clients, and satisfying a client need they previously didn’t know existed.

  • Looker on top of their own database enables them to specifically model their data
  • Employees now run their own analysis with Looker, revealing untapped value
  • Teams now have more flexibility with automated reporting and simplified queries
  • Visualizations allow real-time insight into test results and drives enhancements

Looker for Marketplaces

Marketplaces face the unique challenge of needing to engage with and support a variety of customers and demographics. Ultimately, everyone reviews the same information, and data is analyzed from the perspective that serves their specific function. Looker makes it easy to dig deeper and do more with your data.

Get Ready to Love Your Analytics

The best way to understand Looker is to experience it in action. Along the way, we’ll answer your questions about what, why, how and what’s next.

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