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In the ultracompetitive SaaS market, even the smallest decision can mean the difference between success or failure. Looker makes it easy to introduce data into every decision, from marketing spend and customer retention to identifying which product features inspire massive growth.

  • hubspot
  • carbonite

Hubspot knew that to be a data-driven organization their entire staff needed to be able to access data. Before Looker, this meant a long line of people asking questions to a few extremely overworked analysts trying to provide answers.

Today, Looker gives everyone at Hubspot the power to follow a hunch and dive deep into data, with the confidence that their findings are supported by facts. By bringing data into every action, Hubspot is ensuring that every decision is a step forward, and that their teams have the right tool to get the answers they need to stay ahead.

  • Hubspot uses Looker throughout the organization
  • Looker dashboards are embedded into Salesforce for real-time sales stats
  • The Sales team can monitor their closed sales and progress toward quota
  • Incorporating data into existing workflows, they’ve built a truly data driven culture

Even before they found Looker, Carbonite encouraged their teams to look at data. The problem was, without a shared tool, each team were looking at different data, producing varying results. This lack of consistency led to metric chaos and bottlenecks.

With Looker, their data is seen as a single source of truth, and teams have access all of the data. Because it is pre-defined in Looker, everyone can be confident that they are looking at numbers they can trust. Teams can start spending less time arguing over who has the right number, and more time finding new ways to optimize their campaigns and better serve their customers.

  • Before Looker, teams were silo’d, looking at separate data, getting varying metrics
  • Looker brought all data together, unifying the teams and driving productivity. All metrics are now consistent across the company
  • With Looker teams can be confident that they are looking at numbers they can trust

Industry Data App: SaaS

In the ultracompetitive SaaS market, markets can be won or lost on the smallest of decisions. Looker makes it easy to bring data into every decision, from marketing spend to customer retention to which features in the product cause massive growth. Pick and choose from these modules for your specific needs.

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