We've seen a huge shift from people working and reporting in their various platforms, to reporting the same thing. It makes talking about data a lot easier because we know we're all looking at the same thing

Kyle Jackson

Director of IT

Founded in 2011, Percolate is the content marketing platform for the enterprise. Built by marketers for marketers, Percolate is designed to unlock the potential of marketing operations and give marketers visibility into marketing activities, coordinate project management, and standardize complex processes.


Percolate was faced with the classic data challenges - lots of data, too many data silos, multiple system environments, different versions of the truth, and everyone pulling reports from various systems to end up with a different answer, leading to utter data chaos.

Needless to say, data was crucial to every user in the organization. However, as Percolate grew in size and operations, the demands for data became more complex and did not scale well across systems or resources. There was a dire need for accurate, reliable data to facilitate better business decisions. Percolate was looking for a comprehensive solution to achieve data sanity.


Percolate’s production database is housed in AWS, which is then replicated into Google BigQuery along with data from all their other SaaS applications including Marketo, Zendesk, Stripe, Salesforce, and more.

All data pipelining is done using Fivetran, that illustrated the least impact on performance to customers using the Percolate product.

The Looker data platform is used for analytics and visualizations running on top of Google BigQuery as the central system of record.

The upshot

Appetite for Data: With the combination of BigQuery, Fivetran and Looker, the users at Percolate are no longer limited by either access to data or the complexity of insights they seek. They’ve become pretty hands-on with all sorts of data analysis and are empowered to dig deeper without making requests to IT or waiting on results.

All together now: With all the production and SaaS data in one place, Percolate has a single source of truth. As a result, there’s a dramatic shift from working across several platforms to having reporting consistency without the clunky data pulling from different source systems. For example: Calculating ‘the book size per account manager’ used to be really difficult because the financial data was in another system and had to be joined with Salesforce data. But now with Looker, simply building a dashboard that puts the usage and the book size in one place - made it all a cinch.

Expansion Opportunities: Data consolidation has illustrated substantial monetary benefits for Percolate. For instance, now that analysts have a comprehensive view of customer transactions over service periods, including seat and license utilization, it has become easier to calculate any overages of seat allocation - to turn over to the sales teams for upsell opportunities.

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  • Enterprise Content Marketing Platform in need of a easy to use tool for the entire organization
  • Rely on Looker + Fivetran to build a data platform for everyone from sales to the c-suite
  • Users can self-serve simple to complex metrics in a single, governed source of truth
  • New level of insight is uncovering new revenue opportunities

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