Being able to make sure that people are having a good experience with a tool is as important as the quality of that tool itself.

Jonathan Palmer

Business Intelligence Lead

Faster insights. More efficiently.

Millions of game players generate an enormous amount of data, and King has the largest production EXASOL cluster in the World along with more than 10 petabytes on disk for its Hadoop cluster.

As a data-driven company, King has always been able to manage large-scale analytics, but they wanted to improve their ability to deliver the right insights to the right people at the right time.

Choosing Looker: From poc to adoption

As King began the search for a new solution, they identified a need for two different products. Palmer explains, “We were looking for a semantic layer that would give us a single source of truth and a common layer for interpreting the data. And we were looking for a more agile exploration tool.”

Once the team discovered Looker, they realized that they had found both products in a single solution, with features that met all their criteria.

“Initially, we got one key person in each department to engage with Looker. After that, it just took off quickly,” Palmer explains.

He estimates that today there are currently 200+ highly engaged users who have built nearly 300 dashboards to date, along with 100 scheduling setups that automatically send out dashboards or Looks via email.

Data-driven gains for a data-driven company

It’s hard to overestimate the impact of a powerful self-service tool in a company that relies on analytics for every part of its operations. Looker has produced significant gains for King in several key areas.

Game developers, UI/UX designers, and producers have their own dashboards so they don’t have to wait for reports to be handed down before fine-tuning their work.

Today, everyone works together on a single, centralized data model that can then be shared with the entire organization for self-service analysis.

Whether a team is using R, a custom interface through the Looker API or the Looker layer, having a single source of truth means that they’ll all share consistent answers.

Looker Today… and into the future

One key indicator that Looker has helped make analytics widespread throughout King is the fact that people have now adopted data as an integral part of their business workday.

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  • King wanted to deliver the right insights to the right people at the right time
  • They were looking for a BI solution to better suit their needs
  • Before Looker, a jumble of tools mixed imperfectly with centralized BI services
  • Teams use Looker to access fresh data using the modern features they need
  • To date, 200+ highly engaged King employees have built nearly 300 dashboards

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